What is the Importance of Environmental Education?

Environmental Education is one of the most important subjects for students of this age, as it prepares them for future challenges. It is deemed necessary to prepare them right from their childhood for the world they will in her it tomorrow. So, great leaders and associations are now contributing their efforts to educate children to become leaders of conservation.These organizations strive to provide an unbeatable curriculum to educational institutions which helps them in educating children in the right direction. Listed below are certain aspects that make Environmental education important in this age.
  • Engaging and connecting
Today, children are very much disconnected from the outdoors as well as their surroundings as they rely too much on technology for their every need.Gadgets and video games have become the only form of entertainment for the kids and they try to avoid every situation of going outdoors. Environmental education encourages outdoor learning where students can connect with nature. Numerous researches have proved that engaging in outdoor activities for environmental education helps students learn, increase their scores and at the same time encouraging them to pursue a successful career concerned with natural resources and the environment.Students’ performance in other subjects like math, science, language, arts and social studies improves when they undergo environmental education.

Society is rapidly changing and citizens of most of the developed, developing and highly populated countries of the world experience it.The current generation is considered as the first generation that is growing up only indoors. Their lives are plugged-in along with their entertainment devices and this is just the beginning.Parents and educationalists have only now begun to understand what impact this virtual world has on these children.

Spending most of their time indoors has major consequences that are anything but gentle on their physical and mental health. Hyperactivity, attention difficulties, diminished use of senses, obesity at a very young age, and being disconnected from the real world are some of the negative effects that are now clearly visible amongst the children of this era. Further more, this detachment has led them to lose focus on understanding nature’s role, value and impact on our lives. Environmental education is necessary as it teaches this generation to be aware of their natural surroundings and educates them to be guardians of the resources.

  • Innovative teachers and students
As educationalists do not have much knowledge or experience of this subject they are unable to devise the best techniques of teaching it. However, with assistance from several organizations a proper program has been prepared which makes both children and teachers innovative. Students take an active part in learning as the knowledge provided to them requires hands-on involvement. Due to the implementation of these techniques thousands of trees have been planted in the past few years, streams have been restored;native plant gardens designed, hiking trails constructed, composting projects started and alternative sources of energy investigated. As their knowledge and awareness increases,students work out new methods to conserve the environment and naturally available resources.
  • Enhance relationship skills and build critical thinking
Studying about the environment develops several aspects in a student.Once they start understanding, they start questioning which leads them to develop an even deeper understanding. Their skills of interpretation improve and they learn how to develop better hypothesis. Analyzing, solving problems and deriving conclusions become easier and they are able to make decisions as a group by listening to and considering other’s opinions.
  • Health benefits
Several studies have observed that students that are physically active and experience a various diverse natural surroundings have increased chances of remaining healthy. Since, they are exposed to all forces of nature their body develops a resistance and becomes strong. Regular physical activity also keeps one occupied and helps them in losing any extra weight they might have gained over time. They are more aware of how to gain the necessary nutrition as they know and understand nature better. Changes in behavior are prominent as students studying this subject develop a civil attitude towards one another and become more creative.
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities and better focus
The skills required by the brain to carry out any complex task in the simplest of manners are known as cognitive ability of one’s brain.This ability does not have any connection with knowledge as it is concerned with all mechanisms associated with how our brain learns, remembers, solves problem and focuses on any topic.
  • Self-directed learners
Lecturing is considered to be the best method of educating a large group of students, since it covers a vast course quickly. It has been realized that educating students on a project-based approach leads them to learn better and remember this knowledge for longer duration of time. Students take charge in directing their learningas it is one of the key skills required to achieve success in this modern world that is driven by data. Spoon feeding approach is not followed for this subject, since students are required to develop necessary skills and innovative thinking.
  • Fostering leadership qualities
Leadership skills play an important role in one’s career. Environmental education lays emphasis on working in teams or cooperative learning, discussion and critical thinking and also emphasizes focus on developing real-world applications. The leadership qualities that can be developed from study of this subject are:

1.    Working as part of a team.
2.    Listening to and considering several options.
3.    Work out with real-world issues.
4.    Considering long-term results.
5.    Promoting actions that serve the entire community.
6.    Connecting with society to make a prominent change in the world.

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